Ethernet Xpress Pvt. Ltd. (EXPL) established in 2007 is a pioneering Internet service provider (ISP) that enables customers the power via internet connectivity. EXPL has the most advanced network to provide high-speed and extensive data service in Goa. We are a secure, reliable future proven Internet service.

We have focused exclusively on providing unique technologies. Although we are a true state operation with an Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) network of 1,500 km and a team of 350+ professionals across Goa, our success has been forged around our unique network of local offices providing an on-the-spot response, rapport and reliability.

We believe that customers are the spearhead of our success with our records peaking at 25,000+ residential broadband customers and 500+ corporate customers. At Ethernet Xpress - there is a rich culture, that helps bring our teams together from across the company, setting the tone for how we conduct ourselves.